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Paint Correction - What You need to know!

Updated: Apr 17

Paint correction, or more traditionally referred to as "buffing," is the process of refining a vehicle's clear coat to remove minor imperfections such as swirls, spider webbing, holograms, oxidation, and light scratches. Paint correction is what restores clarity to your paint and ultimately gives it that "shiny" appearance that we all know and love!

At High-Def Detailing we offer 3 levels of Paint Correction:

  1. Paint Enhancement: This service is included in the Diamond Detail Package and is also what we do when installing our entry level ceramic coating. It is a light machine polish with a foam pad that will further clean the surface while restoring shine and gloss to your paint.

  2. One-Step Correction: This is the most common paint correction service we offer for newer vehicles and most daily drivers before applying a professional ceramic coating. This service is a great balance between defect removal, clarity, and gloss. A One-step correction will remove a majority of swirls and leave behind an amazing finish!

  3. Two-Step Correction: This level of correction is for those who want a shine like no other and a near defect-free surface. We start with a heavy compounding step to fix the swirl marks and remove most scratches. This is for vehicles that will be garage kept, well maintained, or that weekend driver. Also recommended for vehicles in poor condition needing a makeover to be acceptable.

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