Paint protection film

Gain peace of mind that your investment is protected!

Say goodbye to rock chips!! Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the best way to protect your new vehicle. This optically clear, 8 mil thick film, provides protection against rock chips, road debris, swirls, scratches, and other possible damaging risks to your vehicle's paintwork. The hydrophobic and self-healing topcoat allows your vehicle to always stay looking clean and glossy! Our film comes with a 10 year warranty, so you know your vehicle will be protected and looking amazing for years to come. 


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Benefits of Paint Protection Film

  • Gloss, matte, color, and pattern finishes available 

  • Physical protection from rock chips and other damaging elements, keeping your paint looking perfect 

  • Self-healing properties

  • Ceramic infused top coat provides hydrophobics and ease of cleaning

  • Combine with a ceramic coating for the ultimate protection

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Partial Front.png

partial front
starting at $1,000

Drivers Package.png

Full front + driver's package
starting at $1,900

Full Front.png

Full front
starting at $1,600

Full Vehicle.png

Full vehicle
starting at $5,000

*Pricing varies based on vehicle size, amount of material used, and complexity of certain front ends

*Front ends typically take 2 days while a full vehicle may take up to a full week for installation


We also offer custom protection packages to fit your needs including windshield protection film, tinted headlights and taillights, luggage strip, door cups, edge guards and more!


Our Approach to Paint Protection Film

With the recent developments in film technology and overall growth of the paint protection film industry there are a lot of mixed expectations out there on what an installation should and shouldn't look like. 

First off, if you have seen old PPF on a vehicle that's yellowed, cracked, or hazed over, the advancements in modern day film have improved in a huge way. The film we use is optically clear, EXTREMELY glossy, and comes with a 10 year warranty against yellowing and delaminating. In my opinion, Stek DYNOshield paint protection film is the best looking film on the market today, which is why we exclusively use Stek films. 

Probably the biggest difference in PPF services these days is the quality and craftsmanship in the installation. In many cases, the expectation from the customer and the results from the shop don't line up, or the shop does not communicate a clear expectation to the customer. High-Def Detailing is built on honesty and integrity and it is reflected in all of our service offerings. 

We offer paint protection film as a protection service first, and a cosmetic service second.


This is Paint "Protection" Film, and not Paint "Perfection" Film. That being said, it will always be our goal to make every installation look as seamless and as invisible as possible. This means using high quality kits that are cut in-house on our industry-leading plotter, using the latest professional software, wrapping edges when applicable such as hoods and fenders, and always aiming for maximum coverage on each install. 

Every install has the potential for small pieces of dirt or debris to get trapped under the film. Remember, we're taking a giant piece of material with adhesive on one side and placing it on surfaces that are not perfect. Large debris or blemishes will be addressed by replacing a piece as needed, but there may always be small bits of debris or moisture left behind.  

Full Front

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Full Fender with wrapped edge

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Full Front

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Full Front

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