Detail Packages


coupes and
small sedans

  • Mini Cooper

  • VW Golf

  • Audi A3


sedans and crossover suvs

  • Honda Accord

  • Tesla Model 3

  • Honda HRV


most suvs and
mid-size trucks

  • Chevy Equinox

  • GMC Acadia

  • Ford Ranger

Extra Large

minivans, xl suvs and trucks

  • Honda Odyssey 

  • GMC Yukon

  • Chevy Silverado 


Starting at $225

Complete interior detail plus

maintenance wash


Our signature interior service that thoroughly cleans, disinfects, and rejuvenates all interior surfaces

  • Thorough vacuum

  • Carpets brushed and crevices blown out to remove loose dirt and debris

  • Fabric, Carpet, Floor mats, and Upholstery deep cleaned with steam and extracted with hot water as needed

  • Leather surfaces deep cleaned and conditioned 

  • Headliner spot cleaned for stains

  • Deep clean Dash, Door Panels, and Plastics

  • UV protectant applied to dash and plastics 

Small - $225

Medium - $250

Large - $300

X-Large - $325


*There may be additional charges for excessive pet hair and/or stains.


Full Package Starting at $325

Exterior-only Starting at $175

Complete interior detail plus a complete exterior detail.

This detail is perfect for daily driven vehicles that need a thorough cleaning inside and out. We will meticulously cleanse and decontaminate the paintwork removing iron particles, tar spots, bugs, and other bonded contaminants leaving all painted surfaces smooth to the touch. We will then apply a protective sealant to protect your paint for 6 months. This is our most popular detail package and is what most would consider a "Full detail."



Exterior Detail

Small - $175

Medium- $200

Large - $225

X-Large - $250

Full Detail

Small - $325

Medium - $350

Large - $400

X-Large - $425



Full Package Starting at $450

Exterior-only Starting at $300

Platinum detail plus a paint enhancement polish and engine bay detail. Upgrade to Diamond PLUS with a dedicated sealant for longer lasting protection! (recommended)

This detail is for you if you want shiny, glossy, and smooth paint, but don't want to break the bank on a paint correction service. A paint enhancement will remove light swirls and spiderwebbing, add gloss, and richen the overall color of your vehicle. This service is great for daily driven vehicles, especially if you are particularly fond of your ride and really want it to shine! We will even detail the engine bay as a free add on with this package. Upgrade to Diamond PLUS for a dedicated paint sealant for longer lasting protection! Only $50 more! 



Exterior Detail

Small - $300

Medium - $335

Large - $370

X-Large - $400

Full Detail

Small - $450

Medium - $485

Large - $545

X-Large - $575


Entry-Level exterior ceramic coating

Starting at $499

Wanting to see what the ceramic coating buzz is all about, or looking for something that's better than a wax or sealant but without breaking the bank? Give our entry-level coating a try. 

  • Full decon wash

  • Enhancement polish

  • Panel prep wipedown

  • Gtechniq Exov4 applied to all exterior painted surfaces. 12 to 18 month durability

*This can be combined with an interior detail as well. 

More interested in a professional grade ceramic coating? Check out Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra and our coating page here:

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