Paint correction services

Paint correction is the process of removing defects in your vehicle's clear coat to restore the clarity and magnify the beauty of the paint. Common defects are swirls and scratches from automatic car washes and improper washing techniques, etching from water spots, bugs, and bird droppings, and oxidation from too much UV ray exposure. This is done through the use of various dual action polishers, compounds and polishes, and intense focused lighting to clearly see the surfaces of the paint. The paint correction process takes several hours, and sometimes multiple days depending how bad the defects are.  It is highly recommended that any paint correction services be followed by a ceramic coating.

Not looking for a full paint correction? Our enhancement polish is an affordable service that focuses on restoring gloss, adding slickness, and leaving a layer of protection. This is included in our Diamond Detail Package and entry level coating. A one-step or two-step paint correction is included in our professional ceramic coating jobs.