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Ceramic coating maintenance

This page is designed to help answer all of your questions regarding how to maintain your ceramic coated vehicle. You recently made the decision to protect your investment with a professionally applied ceramic coating, and it is my job to help make sure you have all of the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to be able to maintain it properly and keep it looking its absolute best. DIY maintenance is not for everyone however, so if you'd like the peace of mind and convenience of a well maintained vehicle without having to lift a finger check out our MAINTENANCE PROGRAM.

There are several products and tools recommended on this page that ALL can be purchased directly from High-Def Detailing. I have already filtered out which products and tools works best with the coatings we use so you don't have to do the research or guesswork yourself! You can visit our online store to peruse all available products here: ONLINE STORE

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You need to maintain your coating by washing the vehicle regularly. Neglecting maintenance will lead to premature failure of the hydrophobic qualities of the coating. Now, one of the huge benefits of having a ceramic coating on your vehicle is that this wash process is much simpler and quicker than before. In fact, you will never need to spend time waxing your vehicle again! More on this in the section "Use The Right Process."

Hand washing is the preferred method but a TOUCHLESS automatic car wash can get you by in a pinch in between hand washes. Repeated use of automatic car washes over time will begin to degrade the coating. If you need to go to an automatic touchless wash I recommend using their most basic package available that includes the air dryer at the end. You don't want or need all the extra "Hot Wax" and "Tri-Foam" additions they offer. 

For more information on the risks of automatic car washes see our article here:





I have found it is best practice to use the maintenance products designed by the manufacturer of the ceramic coating on your coated vehicle. While other products may give you a similar result, if you're anything like me you want THE BEST result possible. Because we have found Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings to be one of the best coatings on the market and  the best offering for our customers, we stock the entire line of Gtechniq Maintenance Products. The research and development has already been done on these products in order to work in harmony with the ceramic coatings. 

I have put together a list of some of my favorite maintenance products that I personally use to maintain any of my coated vehicles. You can purchase them from High-Def Detailing individually or as a discounted bundle in any one of our Ceramic Coating Maintenance Kits. 

1. GWash - A quality ph neutral soap. I use it on every coated car when washing. You don't want to use a soap that has added wax or gloss enhancers in it.

2. W8 Bug Remover - While bugs will be much easier to remove now that your vehicle is coated, it can be helpful to still give them a bit of an extra "kick" which a dedicated chemical that is coating safe. A lot of bug removers that you can buy at the store WILL NOT be coating safe. See below for a video on how to use W8.

3. C2v3 Liquid Crystal - This product is my absolute favorite in the lineup, and plays A HUGE role in keeping up the performance of your coating over its lifetime. Once your vehicle has been properly washed you can apply C2v3 to any surface that has been coated: paint, wheels, glass, and trim. You can even use it on your interior surfaces that are glossy such as the piano-black trim around consoles or dashboards. This product will boost the hydrophobic qualities of the coating upon every application. 

*My personal favorite application of C2v3 is on ceramic coated wheels. It is MONEY! :) 

4. W6 Iron and General Fallout Remover - This product is great for cleaning up your coated wheels if they haven't been cleaned for more than a month. You typically won't need a strong wheel cleaner, and much like your wash soap, it needs to be ph neutral. 

Check out this video below on how to properly give your wheels a thorough clean using these products:

Other maintenance products worth mentioning that I use often are:

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When it comes to auto detailing tools, it can be overwhelming to know what you need to have and what you don't need to have. In order to wash your vehicle by hand at home we can simplify it to just a few simple tools:

  • Pressure washer (2000psi or LESS) or regular garden hose with a good nozle 

  • 2 to 3 buckets with grit guards in them: Wash, Rinse, and Wheel buckets

  • Quality microfiber wash mitt

  • Quality microfiber drying towel

It is very important to use clean, high quality towels and mitts when washing your vehicle by hand. Using grit guards in the bottom of your buckets and following the two-bucket wash method described in the next section will give you the overal best results.

If you are needing a majority of these tools I have put together a couple different wash kits combing the right products and tools at a discounted price. 

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Now that you have the right products and tools, let's talk about how to use them to properly wash your vehicle. 

I am working on a video that will demonstrate this process as it is best understood by watching it in action rather than reading a book on it. For now I will post a VERY DETAILED video below that'll cover more than you need to know about the 2-bucket wash method. 

Some important things that I would like to point out:

  • NEVER wash in direct sunlight or on a hot surface. Make sure the paint is cool to the touch before applying soap or chemicals to it. Wash in the shade or closer to dusk or dawn when possible. 

  • You need to actually do a "contact wash" to properly clean the vehicle. Just rinsing your vehicle off will not fully clean it, even with a ceramic coating

  • You must dry the vehicle in order to avoid water spots. Leaving water on the surface of the vehicle can potentially leave water spots on the surface of the coating

  • LIGHT PRESSURE is your friend when washing and drying your vehicle. Because ceramic coatings are so slick, and if you are using a quality microfiber wash mitt, the mitt will glide across the surface effortlessly making your life much easier. 

  • A leaf blower, compressed air, or dedicated forced air car dryer can be used to dry the majority of the vehicle


Ultimately, you will never be able to achieve the results that a professional can achieve. We do this stuff day in and day out on hundreds of cars, SUVs and trucks every year. We have the experience to produce a quality result every time. You always want to supplement your at home detail with visiting a professional once a year at minimum. I recommend a solid wash every 2 weeks, a maintenance inside and out monthly and a professional visit annually to inspect your coatings and ensure they are being properly cared for. This will create the best longevity of the product and keep it looking it's absolute best. I mean, you spent a lot of money on your vehicle and it’s coating. Let’s keep it looking great together!

Asuming you've read all the way to the bottom of this page, you are serious about maintaing your vehicle and keeping it looking its absolute best. But, if after reading all of this you'd rather have someone just take care of it for you, we have monthly and annual maintenance plans to always have you covered. Plus, if you pay for an annual plan you end up getting 2 months FREE!