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What Detailing Products Do We Use?

A common question I often get asked is, "What kinds of products do you use?"

As great of a question as that is, there is no simple answer unfortunately. I use several different product lines, brands, tools and equipment to fit each job. No vehicle is exactly the same and it is important that the appropriate chemicals are used for that specific job.

However, I can absolutely shed some light on which product lines I use for certain types of jobs as there is plenty of thought, research, and experience behind it :)

First off, as a professional detailer, I stick with professional products within the industry. There are hundreds of DIY car care products that you can get at any big-box retail store, or auto parts store, but these are geared towards the consumer rather than the professional so I tend to stay away from them.

An example of retail products geared towards the consumer, NOT the professional

High-Def Detailing is a Gtechniq Accredited shop (the only one in Elkhart County in fact!), so when it comes to ceramic coating, and ceramic coating maintenance jobs, I exclusively use Gtechinq Products. This includes the entire line of interior and exterior protective coatings, and exterior wash and maintenance products. Gtechniq has been in the ceramic coating scene for nearly 20 years and has long-term tested, proven, and high quality products.

Another line of products that is used day-in and day-out in the shop is the Meguiar's Detailer Series. These are professional, highly concentrated products that cover a multitude of tasks on most of our detail packages. I have been using these products since day one and they continue to be a staple in my inventory.

Another area of "product type" is the compounds and polishes used during the paint correction process. This is one area that I like having several options on hand as there is a large variance in the quality of paint and clear coats on vehicles. I perform what is called a "Test Spot" on every vehicle that is receiving paint correction in order to find the perfect combo of polishing pad and product that will get the results we're looking for. Although I have a pretty good idea of what product combo a vehicle will need after inspecting it, there are times when I will go through 3 or more different combinations in order to find the best overall fit!

Some of the compounds and polishes we use (on the right half of the shelf)

Just having access to professional products doesn't make you a professional though, which is why I have spent years testing and experimenting with these products in the real world to see which ones give the best results.

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