• Ben Runkel

Our Story

I have spent the majority of my career as a full time musician, but have always had a passion for cars - working on them and making them look as amazing as possible. Starting in 2014, while teaching as a public school band director (2009 to 2019), I started detailing in the summers and weekends. I would travel to clients' homes and detail in their driveways and garages. Eventually, I was able to work out of my own garage and slowly began expanding my services. In 2019 I decided to leave my full time teaching commitments and focus on building High-Def Detailing into a full-time operation.

We gutted our home garage and rebuilt it with detailing in mind: Custom lighting, climate controlled, efficient storage, and eventually a custom wash setup.

In the summer of 2020 I joined the Accredited team at Gtechniq North America and really began investing in the art of ceramic coatings. After installing 100's of ceramic coatings this year alone, it is now solely what I specialize in. Our shop is setup perfectly for the application and curing of coatings and continues to be the majority of what I do.

Looking ahead to 2022 there are some new exciting things in the works so be sure to stay up to date with new service offerings and announcements!

Elkhart County Ceramic Coating Specialist

Gtechniq Accredited

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