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Ceramic Coating Maintenance - What is it and why is it important?

Maintaining you ceramic coating regularly is the best way to see peak performance out of it. In fact, in order to retain your manufacturer guarantee, as well as any guarantee by High-Def Detailing, you must schedule and complete a minimum of one ceramic coating maintenance appointment a year.

We dedicated an entire page on our website to ceramic coating maintenance, and you can read the full detailed version here: Ceramic Coating Maintenance Tips

For the sake of this article I want to briefly highlight a few of the most important points in ceramic coating maintenance.

What is Ceramic Coating Maintenance?

A ceramic coating maintenance service is a proper hand wash performed with the appropriate chemicals that are designed to work in tandem with your coating. This can range from a simple wash performed every couple weeks (by you or a professional) to a full-on decontamination service performed a couple times a year (recommended by a professional).

Why is Ceramic Coating Maintenance Important?

Over time, dirt and various contaminants can begin to "clog" your coating. This is absolutely normal, especially on the lower panels of the vehicle, but can vary based on driving conditions. While this may give off the impression that the coating has failed or is not working, it is merely "clogged" and just needs to be cleaned, or "refreshed" as I like to say.

Our Semi-Annual and Annual services include multiple steps with the appropriate chemicals to decontaminate the coating, restoring it's original hydrophobic properties. We then top all coated surfaces with a dedicated ceramic coating topper to boost the protection and slickness of the coating.

What do we recommend?

At a bare minimum, we recommend bringing in your coated vehicle at least once a year for a ceramic coating maintenance appointment. This is required in order to retain any manufacturer guarantees in regards to the lifespan of the coating as well.

You should be hand washing your vehicle every couple of weeks if possible, especially if only bringing it back to High-Def Detailing once a year.

If frequent hand washing is not possible we recommend bringing your vehicle in for a maintenance appointment every 3 to 6 months. This is also a recommended timeline if your vehicle sits outside.

If you have zero intention on washing and maintaining your vehicle yourself but still want it to look its best, we recommend our Maintenance Program

Our Maintenance Program consists of an exterior and interior detail every month, and includes all necessary ceramic coating maintenance services for the entire year.

As your ceramic coating specialist, feel free to reach out with any questions regarding the proper maintenance and care of your ceramic coating!

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