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1967 Corvette Sting Ray - Part II: Paint Correction

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Now that the paint is squeaky clean, it can be inspected under intense lighting to see how many defects there are. Overall, the paint appeared to be in good shape minus the stripes on the hood as you can see below. The lacquer paint turned out to be very hard and more stubborn to correct than I anticipated, but I was able to use a compound and stiffer foam pad to remove the light defects and finish down great in one step. The black stripes on the hood needed a two-step, however, with a wool pad followed up with a light polish and foam pad.

Roof before paint correction. Notice the light swirls when you follow the light:

Roof after a one-step paint correction. Defect free!

Here are the results of the two-step paint correction on the hood stripes:

After spending 5 hours behind the polishers, the corvette's paint was looking defect free and super glossy!

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