Paint correction services

Starting at $375

Paint correction is the process of removing defects in your vehicle's clear coat to restore the clarity and magnify the beauty of the paint. Common defects are swirls and scratches from automatic car washes and improper washing techniques, etching from water spots, bugs, and bird droppings, and oxidation from too much UV ray exposure. The paint correction process takes several hours, and sometimes multiple days depending how bad the defects are.  It is highly recommended that any paint correction services be followed by a ceramic coating.

We offer 3 levels of paint correction depending on the age and condition of your vehicle

Ceramic Coatings

Paint Coatings starting at $185

(not including paint correction)

Ceramic Coatings offer the best protection for your vehicle on the market today. While traditional waxes and sealants give you months of protection, coatings give you years! Coating jobs are unique in that they require intensive prep work, extended cure time, specific final application products, and most importantly, the skills of a professional installer. All coating jobs require 2 to 3 days to allow the vehicle to cure for 8 hours overnight and must be prepped with paint correction.

We offer several different coatings to fit your needs and budget. We offer entry-level coatings that will protect your vehicle for 1 to 2 years with proper maintenance, and professional level coatings that will protect your vehicle up to 5 years with proper maintenance. 

We also offer coatings for wheels, glass, plastics, headlights, and interior leather and fabric!



Here are some things to consider:

  • Coatings can be expensive but a properly installed and properly maintained coating on your paint will help hold the value of your vehicle.

  • The best time to get a coating is on a newer vehicle - 1 to 2 years old for example. Our goal is to get the paint as perfect as possible before sealing it in with a coating. Older vehicles will require more time during the paint correction stage. 

  • Coatings are not "miracle products." They do not prevent rock chips, and can still be scratched just like your regular clear coat with improper maintenance or washing techniques. That being said, they will strengthen your clear coat and resist the elements way more than any wax or sealant could!

    • ​Coatings are much more scratch resistant and tough - Our professional coating is 9h on the hardness scale!

    • Coatings have self-cleaning abilities. This means they "shed" dust and dirt much quicker and will stay cleaner longer. If the car is dirty and it rains, the rain and the coating combined will actually clean the car

    • Helps prevent water spots

    • The gloss, shine, and slickness exceeds that of waxes and sealants


Coatings can go longer between services but still need to be maintained. We recommend all customers with a coating on their vehicle to schedule a yearly coating maintenance detail.




Coating jobs require paint correction prior to application. Even brand new cars have imperfections in the paint and will need to be polished. Please contact us to discuss pricing and options for having a coating installed on your vehicle! Special bundle pricing is available for combining coatings. 

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