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Ceramic Coating Packages

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This package is for those who want the highest quality paint protection with a professional ceramic coating, and all exterior surfaces coated as well. Crystal Serum Ultra comes with a 9-year manufacturer guarantee

✅ One or Two-Step paint correction

✅ Crystal Serum Ultra plus a top coat of Exov4 installed on all exterior painted surfaces

✅ Wheels deep cleaned and wheel faces coated

✅ Windshield and all windows coated

✅ Exterior plastics coated

*Crystal serum Ultra is only available through a certified Gtechniq Installer* 




Level 2 - MID-GRADE

This is an incredible "bang-for-your-buck" package and checks all the right boxes for most consumers. While enthusiasts would go for our Level 3 package, Level 2 is great for most people wanting a great looking coating installed by a certified detailer. 

✅ One or Two-Step paint correction

✅ Single layer of Crystal Serum Light installed on all exterior painted surfaces

✅ Wheels deep cleaned and wheel faces coated

✅ Windshield coated

*Add on a top coat of Exo for only $195 more! 





This package is for those looking for something more than an exterior detail package, but don't want to break the bank on a professional level paint correction and coating. 

✅ Diamond Detail with paint enhancement polish

✅ Entry Level Exov4 installed on all exterior painted surfaces, headlights, and tail lights (12 to 18 months durability) 

✅ Wheels deep cleaned and wheel faces protected with a ceramic sealant 

Interior Ceramic Coating Protection



 combine with any Ceramic coating package

This package is highly recommended for new vehicles to help retain that factory, matte look on all interior surfaces. Anti-microbial technology helps keep your interior bacteria free and looking and feeling fresh! Surfaces are much easier to clean after this treatment. 


  • Interior plastic and vinyl coated 

  • Interior leather surfaces coated 

  • Interior fabric surfaces coated

*Interior coatings come with a limited lifetime guarantee when on our Annual Maintenance Plan!

*Pricing shown on coating packages is for a small vehicle with a one-step correction

of our Ceramic Coatings

  • Protection from salt, bug acids, and tree sap

  • Jaw-dropping shine, slickness and gloss

  • Paint stays cleaner longer, and is easier and faster to wash

  • No need to wax for the life of the coating

  • Swirl resistance 

  • Peace of mind with manufacturer backed guarantee up to 9 years

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Our Process

  1. Meticulous, multi-step clean and prep process leaves the surface free of dirt, grime, and any bonded contaminants 

  2. Multiple hour paint correction (polishing) stage refines the surface and removes swirls, hazing, and wash marks

  3. Entire vehicle is wiped down twice with our panel prep product to ensure there are no polishing oils left on the surface

  4. Dedicated ceramic coatings are applied section by section using brand new applicators and high quality microfiber towels and are inspected under focused LED lighting

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Watch this video on how High-Def Detailing was started!

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